How to Install Remix OS 2.0 on Computer or Laptop (Latest)

Remix OS is very trending in these days. So in this post I Guide on how to Install Remix OS on Pc, and you can Easily Install Remix OS in your Computer or Laptop so you can Enjoy Remix OS on your Computer? For Very Long time, I was waiting for Android OS for Pc, Finally Remix OS is released for PC. Also checkout How To Create Unlimited Facebook Accounts Without Mobile Numbers You can Install Remix OS in your PC, which will be Give your Android User-Experience so you can really enjoy Android phone and all features of Android in your PC. Now it’s Possible to Run Android Operating System, and all Android Apps in your PC, with the help of This Remix OS, which is developed By Jide Technology. Try How to Bypass SMS/Call Verification in Any Website/App and Get Unlimited Real likes on Facebook Fan Pages, Profile Pics and Status

We want to say that Big Thanks you, for Develop best Operating System for Pc Users. So we can also share how to increase ram in Android Phone. There are so many desktop operating systems, but remix Operating System is a new Operating System, which you can install in your PC, an Enjoy Android apps in it. Which you can dual boot with windows or Linux in your PC. So checkout Full Step by Step information now from given below about How to Install Remix OS in Pc. Also See Airtel Opera mini handler Trick for Free Unlimited 4g/3g/Gprs

Install Remix OS on PC

Table of Contents [hide]

  • 1 Install Remix OS on PC
    • 1.1 Remix OS Download
    • 1.2 What is Remix OS?
    • 1.3 Requirements before Follow this information
    • 1.4 How to Install Remix OS on Windows PC or Laptop – Full Guide
    • 1.5 Format USB Drive
    • 1.6 Burn Remix OS on Pendrive and Make Pendrive Bootable
  • 2 Create New Hard Drive Partition
    • 2.1 How to Create a New Hard Disk Partition with AEOMI Partition
  • 3 How to Install Remix OS on Pc
    • 3.1 What is Guest Mode 
  • 4 About Resident Mode?
  • 5 Remix OS on Pc
  • 6 How to Install Remix OS on Virtual Box 
  • 7 Conclusion

Finally, i am Very Big Fan of Android operating System; It’s Features and Development are also so awesome. So If you want an Android features, and all of the Android Apps in your Pc, so you can simply checkout this Remix OS on your Pc, and you will be able to run all the Android apps on your Pc, with the Help of this Remix OS 2.0. Before few months ago, for Run Android apps in Pc, we were using Rooted Bluestacks, Now days we can Enjoy Android Operating System in Pc, with the help of this Android Remix OS. So using any android emulators is old, Now Install Latest Remix OS on your PC, and  you will be able to simply use Android, All of the Games which are developed for android, and all of the features of Android. Must try Download PS3 Emulator For Android & Play PS3 Games On Android Smartphone In other words, you can also say that with this information you will be able toinstall Android Operating System in your Pc.

How to Install Remix OS 2.0 on Computer or Laptop (Latest)

Which is knows as Remix Operating system on your PC, with this information previously, we was also shared a method for How to Shutdown Pc Faster . You can also call this method as android on pc, because Remix OS is android’s for pc, with ability to install android apps in your PC.

Remix OS Download

So friends, when you are looking for a Tutorial, For How to install Remix OS on your computer, then you are at Right Place. We can provide you step by step for how to Install Remix OS on Pc. I will also show Download Link of Remix Os, which you need to Boot in your Pen drive, and you will be able to run this Remix Operating System on your Computer or Laptop simply. I will Show you a in this information, in which you can Dual Boot your Remix OS, so you have already Installed any Operating System Like Windows 7,then you will be able to Run Both Operating System in your PC, without any loose in Performance. This is the Very best Operating System, which you must install in your PC. Also checkout Downlod ADB, Fastboot and Drive Version 1.43 For Windows

What is Remix OS?

Remix OS is another awesome Operating System, which you can Install in Your Pc, and you will be able to run all Android Apps, Games, and all Android Features in Your Pc. Without using this Operating System, so you will be allowed to Run Android environment on your PC. Also have a look at Whatsapp Tips and tricks, for use Whataspp in best methods. This is the awesome Operating System for any Pc, in which you can enjoy Android Operating System on your Pc, rather than any Emulators, which runs Slow.

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Requirements before Follow this information

So you can look at some of the Basic requirements, About How to Download and Install Remix OS in Pc for free, or you can also dual boot it with other operating system like windows.

  • Remix OS ISO File, and Remix OS USB Installer Tool – Remix OS Download
  • Windows PC, with any Version of Windows Installed.
  • Fresh New Hard Disk Volume of 20 GB or above is recommended.
  • Legacy Mode Enabled from BIOS (In most cases it’s already on) or turn it on from BIOS manually.
  • 8GB Pendrive or more
  • USB 3.0 (Important)
  • Working Internet Connection For Download Remix OS in your Pc.
  • Disable Secure Mode, when you are running Windows 8 or Up.

How to Install Remix OS on Windows PC or Laptop – Full Guide

Download and Install Remix OS on your Pc, Easily you can Follow all the given below step by Step information. So you will be able to Run Remix OS on your Pc, with this Easy information. Can you need to follow each and every step carefully. I will also try my Best  to Mention all Step in easiest methods as I can. Must try CHANGE ANDROID ID IN ROOTED, NON ROOTED PHONE, BLUESTACKS You have to Do several things, for use and install remix os in pc. You have to format your USB drive, burn OS, and create hard disk partition and installation process.Also Know Top 3 Data Sharing App APK for Android I have already mentioned all step by step information given below, so you can know more about How to Install Remix OS in PC or Laptop.

Format USB Drive

Are you sure to Using USB 3.0 and Format that USB in Fat 32 Format. So it can be Backup all your Important Data from USB, before format. In all most cases people have USB 2.0 Pendrives, so you can try to Manage USB 3.0 Pendrive, when you want to install and Run Remix OS on your Pc or Laptop. So you can Sure to format Your Pendrive in FAT 32 Format, not in NTFS Format. Because for Make Remix OS bootable in pendrive, its needs this Requirement. This operating System is in Alpha Stage this Time, so you can sure to follow each and every Step very carefully.

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Burn Remix OS on Pendrive and Make Pendrive Bootable

After Successfully Format your Pendrive, you need to Burn Remix OS in your USB 3.0 Pendrive. So for Burn Remix OS in your USB 3.0, checkout given below Steps by steps you can to make your pendrive bootable, with remix OS ISO Image file, for install remix OS in pc with the help of USB Drive.Also Checkout How to Make USB Bootable You need to remix operating system USB Creator tool, for burning Remix OS in USB Drive. Checkout Full Method now from given below for know more about How to Burn Remix OS in Pendrive.

  • First, Extract the Zip File, which is was downloaded from the above. And you will be get 2 Files in IT, first one is ISO file, and second is USB Tool for make pendrive Bootable. So you can run USB Tool with Administrator permissions.
  • So, in this Tool, it will be ask you to browse the ISO file, Just Selected the ISO file, which you can be GOT this Zip file, so you are done.
  • At After Successfully Install ISO File from tool, hit Ok Button, and this tool will be start his work. Just wait for few or some minutes, and it will be Complete the process automatically.

The process will be taken some time; it can depend on Your PC performance, and read write speed. So you can in hurry for Installing Remix operating system on your PC, so you can simply close all of the other software’s which you have opened currently, and let it will be done. So give this tool little time, sit back and relax. After it’s done, simply follow our Next steps. Check this Get Hotstar Premium Account For Free for Lifetime {April 2018}

Create New Hard Drive Partition

You have to create a new hard disk partition, if you want to install Remix OS in your Pc. you can Skip step by step,  you can don’t want to install this Remix operating system in your PC, and you just want to test. When you want to install this operating system on your Laptop so you can must be create a new hard disk partition of 25 GB more, so you can dual-boot this OS along with existing operating system, which you have installed in your Pc.

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When you don’t know How to create a new Hard Disk Partition, then you must be search from Google about this, it’s a very easy process, which you can simply do it. Recommended Software for Create Hard Disk Partition is AOMEI Partition Tool. You can easily create a new partition of your existing hard drive, and you will be able to create a Fresh New Hard Disk Volume, in which you can Install Remix OS. So after create a new partition, let’s move to the given below Steps.

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How to Create a New Hard Disk Partition with AEOMI Partition

  • Make a sure you have already downloaded and Installed Aeomi Partition software from above link, and once you must installed this Software in your Pc, follow simple steps for create a Hard disk partition.
  • Open Aeomi Partition and Software, you will see List of many available Drives in Your PC. Let’s assume that in D: // Drive, you have some extra Space, when you don’t want to use, so Just right-click on it, and select option of Create Partition, as below Screenshot.
  • It will be ask you to create a new drive, so you can choose Size of the new disk, according to your choice, example is 50GB Drive when recommended for use this Remix OS in your Pc, so let’s create 50GB new drive, or in other way you can create a minimum of 20GB, Depend on your available Disk Size, so it can after select your space, by drag button, then hit ok Button.
  • After, It will be show you a new drive in the new list, in  which is known as Unallocated space, click on it, and select and create Partition option from left menu, and then  it will show you a new Pop up, easily Hit on  the Ok button, and so you are done.

Create Partation

  • After you can check it have followed all steps very properly, when you are say yes, so  you can simply hit Apply Button from top left corner, just like  below screenshot, and this  screenshot  software will be  do its work, wait some time, and it will create a new partition, in which you can install Remix OS..

Create Partition

So it was the easy way, you can create a new hard disk partition in your COmputer, in a simple way. So after you create a partition, you can simply follow given below steps. But you will be careful while following these steps, because when you do anything wrong, then it may be  damage your disk and your all data in disk will be loose also. So make sure you have backed. Up your all data before follow this process. If you have any other issues, while creating hard disk partition for installing remix OS, then feel free to comment below I will try to solve your problem.

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How to Install Remix OS on Pc

So friends, you can see given above Steps, you have successfully Made your Pendrive Bootable. Now, next step is for that to Install Remix OS on your PC. Now, simply we can follow given below Steps, for Install Remix operating System on your PC. Just Follow Each and Every Step one by one, for install Remix OS in your PC. Make sure you have already created a new hard disk partition for install this Remix OS in your PC. So you have already booted Remix OS in your Pen-drive. With given below process, so you will be able to install Remix OS in your newly created hard disk partition.

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  • Now, Keep your USB Pendrive in USB Port of your PC, and then Simply Restart your Pc, and Let it be restart completely.
  • After, In the BIOS Screen of your PC, you will be See Some Key Names like F2, F12, Del or Tab etc for boot options. Simply Press that Key, and you will See another Menu, Which will ask you to choose your Boot Device.
  • Simply you can Select USB Pendrive from The List, so if you Have Booted the Pendrive. Now, Your Mouse will be not work in this Menu. Just Use arrow up and Down keys for Navigate, and Press Enter when you selected your Pendrive.
  • So it will be start loading Remix OS in your PC, wait little time, and let it process all files of Remix OS automatically. So in this Page, you will be See 2 points.
  • Guest Mode
  • Resident Mode

What is Guest Mode 

When you have Just want to do this Remix OS on your Pc, and don’t install it permanently. For Example, if you can also Use Live Linux in your Pc, without actually installing it. So this is the case with for this too. If you just want to try this OS in your Pc, then you can also Select Guest Mode. When you just want to try this REMIX OS, for little time, or want try it once, then you can select Guest mode from this option. When you can want to install this Remix OS in your PC permanently, then select Resident mode.

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About Resident Mode?

When you are a Big Fan of android OS, you want to Use Android OS on your PC in Daily Basis, then you can easily download and Install This Remix Os on your Pc with Resident Mode. SO your all apps and data will be stored in your Pc, just like normal windows. So if you want to install this OS, then Select Resident mode, else select Guest Mode. So think twice before selecting option of Guest mode or Resident mode while installing remixes OS in your PC.

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